giving back... to our community, our environment.

We are passionate about Our Environment...

As a salon and spa we are concerned about how our carbon footprint impacts our earth.  We take steps to reduce waste, reuse, recycle and remain a sustainable and environmental friendly business.

- Our hair from cutting services is donated to Matter of Trust, an organization that collects hair and weaves it into blankets used to clean oil spills in our oceans and water ways.

- We utilize compostable hair towels and hand towels that reduce laundry resources, eliminate allergens for our clients, and addresses chemical concerns with detergents, bleach, etc.  Our specially crafted towels fully compost in 60 days leaving NO trace!

- We reduce waste by utilizing compostable cups when offering our clients beverages, eliminating bottles from water, sodas, etc.

- We strive to use only the safest of hair products.  We NEVER use products that are tested on animals, but vegan, sustainable and cruelty free.

We are passionate about Our Community...

Our success is based on our customers, and our community.  We are advocates of supporting our local agencies, customers, friends and neighbors.

- First Responders - Police, Fire Fighters, 911 Operators and Military Receive 50% off Hair Cuts with Regular Promotions for Free Services.

- Cancer Warriors - We love celebrating victory with those who battle every day!  50% off of hair cuts and special makeup teaching services for those dealing with scars.

- Local Charities - We support charities with regular donations for fundraisers throughout the Estes Park area.

- Senior Appreciation - Celebrating our seasoned residents with regular weekly specials and onsite appointments at our local nursing homes and residential  homes.

- Supporting Small Business - Many of our products and accessories are sourced from fellow small businesses.  From our "Solo Giovani' line of cosmetics that are woman-owned, cruelty free, vegan and AWESOME to our accessory line "Headbands of Hope" that donates a headband or hat for each one sold to our very own selected Chidren's Hospital throughout Colorado for children with cancer or battling other debilitating health conditions.

Special Events for Our Community

Glow offers special events on a regular basis to honor those who serve and protect, and those battling life changing situations (Cancer, illness, loss)

Watch our Calendar for regularly scheduled discounts for our First Responders, Cancer Warriors, Teacher Appreciation Days and more!!