Spray Tanning

Sunless Tanning in Estes Park - Featuring Novell Spray Tanning Products

Preparing for your spray tan


1. Exfoliate

One of the most important things that you must do is to thoroughly exfoliate before spray tanning. The shallower the dead skin layer on the surface of your skin, the more time it will take for this layer to build up before it starts rubbing off. That means the better the exfoliation, the more even your tan will be throughout it's life and the longer it will last.

2. Remove Makeup, Deodorant or Lotions

or you can remove your makeup here, we will provide face wipes. Also use them to remove any deodorant, which may act as a barrier to the fake tan formula.

3. Get Undressed as the Therapist Waits Outside

You can keep your underwear on if you wish, but if you do, we'd recommend opting for something minimal, like a thong, as you'll be left with white patches underneath. Remove all jewelery and prepare with the accessories provided. Remove any jewelry and accessories and protect your hair with a shower cap or towel.

4. Determine How Dark You Would Like to Go

This is your chance to explain what you like; you could reference a photo and maybe a picture of how you tan naturally. It also helps for them to know the occasion your spray tan is for, i.e. if it's a 10-day vacation you may want to go a deeper shade so it lasts longer, or if it's for a wedding the very next day, you may want to stay lighter so it looks as natural as possible in pictures.

5. Get Situated in the Tanning Tent

Your therapist will usually start by applying the formula, dispersed through a air brush gun.. As advised, take a deep breath and close your eyes. You'll instantly notice, it can be a bit chilly!.

6. Begin the Process

Most of our therapists begin spraying the front first and then your back - and they might ask you to lean your bum out. Don't stress – it's just so there are no white patches in any 'creases'! You'll be asked to claw your hands to get between knuckle creases, too.

7. Once dry, you can get dressed.

You should ideally bring loose, dark clothing and nothing that may rub the tan off, like tight ankle boots.

8. Showering

It is best to wait at least 8 hours prior to showering.  If you shower prior to the solution setting, or if you tan late in the day, just be prepared for a bit of a mess if you have white bed sheets. Or pile on the towels! 

9. Be Cautious In The Sun!

While being tan already prevents most clients from spending extra time in the sun, you can STILL burn!  We recommend continuing to use sunscreen as normal.

10. How Long Will Your Tan Last

Depending on how well you prepare, and take care of your spray tan afterwards, about 5-10 days. If you tan regularly, your skin will get used to the spray, and will hold the colour longer. Then you might need a top up every 2 weeks or so.

11. What if I Have Very Fair Ski?

Hey, this is exactly why the spray tanning process was designed in the first place, for people that could not tan by any other method! Most probably you will get a fantastic colour with spray tan! Of course, people that tan easily will tan too.

12. Can I Swim or Exercise Afterwards?

Avoid swimming or any activity (exercise, sex, etc.) for at least 6 hours. Chlorinated water and sweat will bleach your tan really quickly. If you want to swim in the sea, make your swims short. The longer you soak yourself, the faster your tan will come off.